Treat your skin to the ultimate experience in organic skincare. Each facial uses raw, active, functional botanicals to deliver radiant skin that is deeply nourished. All 60 minute facials include a double cleanse, extractions if needed, customized aromatherapy, neck and shoulder massage with warm infused coconut oil, foot massage with organic shea and mango butter, and gorgeously scented hot towels.


European Facial

best for: all skin types

A classic option that will cover all your skin care needs. This facial will be custom designed for you, focusing on any concerns or trouble areas. Enjoy a series of two treatment masks hand-picked for you, facial massage and/ or lymphatic detox depending on skin type, and products suitable for your skin type. 

60 minutes $85


Anti-Aging Facial

best for: mature skin

Fight the signs of aging with a stimulating Nordic marine algae treatment rich in more than 60 minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Sea kelp, with its natural water-retaining properties will add hydration while also having a tightening, firming effect on the skin. Next, enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of  LED light therapy. First developed by NASA, studies have proven that red and infrared light therapy speeds up cell growth by 150-200 percent. When used in facial treatments, LED stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, leaving you with smoother, younger skin. End with a botanical finishing creme rich in resveratrol, Gotu Kola, Gingko, and Maitake Mushroom to help the skin restore itself more actively and efficiently.

60 minutes $95


Lymphatic Detox Facial

best for: all skin types

A great treatment for anyone experiencing puffiness, dark circles, and lackluster skin. Lymph is a clear fluid that lies just underneath the skin’s surface. Its purpose is to carry toxins through the body to where they can be released. Illness, stress, and lack of exercise can slow lymph movement and result in a build up of toxins. Lymphatic drainage consists of a very light touch over areas of the face and sides of the neck. This relaxing treatment will restore healthy lymph flow and brighten the skin.

60 minutes $85


Deep Cleanse Facial

best for: congested, oily skin

A balancing facial using a series of mud and clay masks including a Rhassoul mask, containing clay mined from lava clay beds in Morocco. This mineral-rich treatment pulls toxins from the skin while restoring nutrient balance, with added anti-inflammatory herbs including calendula and lavender to prevent flare-ups. Finish off with skin soothing products to tone and restore the skin’s natural pH.

60 minutes $85


Ayurvedic Facial

best for: all skin types

Sanskrit for “life-knowledge,” Ayurveda is a state of balance between body, mind, and environment. This customized facial is the perfect way to treat the skin using modern organic formulations that hold true to the herbal traditions of this 5,000 year old system of natural healing. Also included are Chinese herbal extracts and pure essential oils working harmoniously and effectively to stimulate, nourish, and protect the skin. This decadent, aromatic journey will leave the skin balanced and restored to its optimal state.

60 minutes $85




While supporting the skin’s natural functions through gentle yet active skincare products is ideal, there is a time when a mild peel is in order. These peels are gentle enough that you will not actually go through the peeling process, in fact, there is no irritation or downtime at all. Each peel contains a unique blend of acids along with herbal extracts to effectively target problem areas. Peels are recommended in a series of six sessions for optimal results. Can be a stand-alone treatment or added to any facial.


Brightening Peel

This treatment is designed specifically to repair the signs of sun damage and jump start a complete skin rejuvenation process. Combines glycolic, lactic with kojic acid, along with bearberry and licorice extracts to lighten skin discoloration and inhibit melanin production.

20 minutes $40 


Antioxidant Peel

Great for anyone seeking anti-aging results and newly refreshed skin. A blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids along with vitamins A, C, and E and antioxidant-rich grapeseed and green tea extracts, this peel is great for almost any skin type and is targeted to fade acne scars, smooth wrinkles, as well as plump and hydrate the skin.

20 minutes $40



Facial Add-Ons


Hawaiian Sea Salt Foot Scrub

Enjoy an exfoliation with our handcrafted salt scrub containing organic unrefined coconut oil, Hawaiian sea salt, ground rosehip seeds, and a unique blend of essential oils. Sure to soften, remineralize, and hydrate your feet.



Lemongrass Hand Treatment

Our poor hands- they never have a chance to soak up any rich hydration before we are putting them to use again! Give them the pampering they deserve with a nourishing salt scrub followed by an ultra-moisturizing organic hydration mask. Your hands will soak up the nourishing benefits of raw, unrefined shea butter for the duration of the facial, to be removed at the end with hot towels.



Lavender Rosemary Hair Treatment

Begin your facial with a relaxing lavender rosemary scalp massage designed to stimulate hair growth. This is followed by a hydrating application of warmed organic macadamia oil that is worked thoroughly into the hair from root to tip. Your hair will soak up this delicious oil treatment for the duration of your facial. Finish off in our private shower where you can shampoo and condition under a soothing rainfall showerhead.





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