Essential Oils with Aomi Coelho

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Why Essential Oils?

I’ve always had a passion for natural skincare and began making my own herbal recipes at age 14. After experiencing skin problems in my late teens and early 20s due to food allergies, I set out to further understand health, wellness, and alternative treatments. After completing my training as an esthetician, I studied nutrition at Utah State University and The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I now own a holistic skincare practice and love helping others embrace health and wellness. I’ve found essential oils to be an amazing addition to my business. It enables me to offer a better experience to my clients by customizing any treatment with aromatherapy to suit their needs.

My Favorite Oil

Frankensense! This deeply aromatic oil has so many uses, and it’s great for any skincare routine. It speeds healing of acne, fades scars and stretch marks, promotes regeneration of new skin cells, and is a natural anti-bacterial. It also helps with emotional balance and immune function. I love applying just a little to the inside of my wrists instead of perfume- I find it instantly grounding and relaxing.

My First Oil Success

 A few years ago I was having a truly difficult winter. It was dreary and freezing cold out,  I wasn’t where I thought I would be (on many levels), and I found it difficult to remain optimistic. I’ve always had essential oils around, but this time I really put them to the test. I diffused citrus oils daily for their uplifting effect, and it worked. I felt more calm, hopeful, and better able to find joy and gratitude in my daily life. Fascinated, I studied more on essential oils and how they directly affect the brain and body through the limbic system. Oils are a powerful tool for healing, both physically and emotionally. I will never be without them!


I love sharing my passion for essential oils. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have. I’m more than happy to offer suggestions so that you can create lasting health and wellness for yourself and those around you.



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