Why I do what I do


Regardless of the service, my goal is always to promote a sense of well-being and boost confidence in every client. Taking time for yourself, whether it is a relaxing facial or monthly wax, is so important! It is not selfish,  vain, or even indulgent to do these things. It is self care. It is necessary. When we find moments of peace within ourselves, or do something that makes us feel attractive and sexy, we carry a greater positivity with us wherever we go. That, in turn, allows us to be better in all other aspects of our lives, because we have deemed ourselves worth it.


I believe in a three-tier approach to beauty and skin care. When we create balance in our lives and bodies, the result is whole health, which in turn creates whole beauty. Yes, we’re talking energy, attitude, love… and also proper care of the body- diet, exercise, and avoiding chemical laden products. I don’t believe in any one miracle cure. There is no magic cream that will erase wrinkles if you are not willing to do the rest. Below are three key factors that will create the best possible you.


Natural Skin Care


We exist in a world of toxins. They are everywhere- from pesticides sprayed on crops to hormone disruptors like BPA in our plastic. As if we aren’t already inundated with chemicals, the last thing our skin needs is to be further slathered with them. The skin is our largest organ. I don’t care what others may say, WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR SKIN WILL BE ABSORBED INTO YOUR BODY. Think of this the next time you see petroleum products and chemical preservatives in your skin care products.


Healthy Diet


Just as everything we put on the outside of our bodies ends up on the inside, what we put into our bodies shows up in our skin. Your skin is a direct sign of the health of your body, as are your hair and nails. It is essential to eat and hydrate properly if you want glowing, luminous skin. I am more than happy to discuss diet during any service!




Years ago, I struggled with imbalances that caused some very bad skin problems. I know firsthand the lack of confidence and emotional stress that occurs when our skin isn’t doing so well. When we allow negative feelings about ourselves to dictate our mood, we are not sending out a good vibe to anyone: you wake up; your skin/ hair/ whatever looks bad; a lousy day ensues. I’ve done it and I think it’s a big waste of time. It’s good to pay attention to our skin, and what it is telling us about our health. But there is also a tipping point where that can go too far, bringing on more stress and ultimately becoming counterproductive. Loving yourself exactly as you are now is one of the biggest steps in growing into the most beautiful YOU there is.

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